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Started over 50 years ago by lifetime cattle rancher, Bobby Jack Enloe, NLO Farms and Cattle Co. Ranch is located in Montgomery, TX, just a little over an hour north of Houston. Our commitment to improved pastures, low stress environments and top quality forage have led to some of the highest quality ranch raised beef in Texas. Our Brangus cross, Charolais cross and registered Brahmans are free of antibiotics and hormones and have 1,500 acres to thrive in a true free-range environment. We offer grass fed, and grass fed/grain finished beef, that produces an extremely tasteful beef that is truly hard to come by these days. All our beef is hand cut by a small family owned, federally inspected packing house we have partnered with. It is wet-aged for 28 days, then individually vacuum-seal packaged and blast frozen. This "blast-freezing” is the crucial part of the process that preserves the fresh flavor and texture of the beef until you are ready to cook it. Buy local, eat local, buy your beef direct from Enloe Farms and Cattle Co. today!

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Everybody has a dream, and Bobby Enloe's dream was to be a large scale Texas cattle rancher. At the ripe young age of 12, he purchased his first horse with his own money earned from shining shoes at the local barber shop. At 19 years-old, he borrowed money from the local bank to purchase his first few head of cattle. From that day forward he committed his life to God, family, and cattle, in that order. Enloe Farms and Cattle Co. continued to grow for the next 50 years, and is now a family-run company. Started as a cow/calf operation we have now diversified into selling the highest quality ranch raised beef to the public. These days too many people simply eat beef of which they do not know the origin. We simply wanted to change this, and we also wanted to give people the availability of healthy, fresh, fair priced beef. Our beef is grown at our ranch. We don't outsource our beef, we are the producer.

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